Android Market: First day download stats

A couple of days ago I uploaded a draft of my Android app to the market, to test the signing and publishing process. I was also curious as to exactly how many people were actually interested in downloading an app of this description. So I uploaded the draft (which is not functional in any useful way), added a title and description, as well as a few screenshots. I clearly stated in the description this is an alpha release and not intended for download. Clearly it was not the most attractive app to download by any means. But it’s interesting to see the downloads from the first day.

One day after uploading my draft to the Android Market, 99 people had downloaded the app. Of those, 57% were “active users”, and two people had submitted error reports for an edge condition which has since been resolved.

I never expected this many people to download my draft – especially not since it was labeled “alpha”. I didn’t promote it in any way – just uploaded it with a decent icon, title and description. If 100 people will download an app labeled “alpha” with no reviews or comments, how many more would download an actual finished app?

Another stat worth listing is the Ad impressions. I had one ad unit included in the main menu of the app. This single ad unit generated approximately 300 ad impressions, and 1 click. Again, this is in the first day after uploading an unfinished draft to the Android Market. I would expect to see many more downloads (and thus more ad impressions) from a finished product, with a few good reviews on the Market.