This Week In Android: Galaxy S2, Amazon Tablet & Microsoft Patent Woes

Here’s some of the latest Android news, along with my take on what’s happening. I’ve missed this series for the past month or so, but so much has happened lately I thought it’s worth taking the time to write about some of the big things this week.

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Available in Android Market – Official Badges for your Site

Google Android badge - Available in Android MarketLast night Google posted a tweet from @AndroidDev mentioning a new badge available for Android developers. If you’ve currently got an app on the Market, you can download the official badge titled “Available in Android Market” to place on your website. This is designed to help standardize the Android branding experience, and ensure your app marketing looks professional.

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How to add an EULA to your Android App

End User License Agreement dialog for an Android AppMany apps available on the Android Market include an End User License Agreement, or EULA. This is a simple dialog that appears when you first launch the app, and presents a licence agreement governing your use of the app. Most often, this dialog explains what information the app will collect from your phone, and how that information may be used by the developer.

Some third-party libraries such as Google Analytics require you to disclose your data collection policy to users. The most common way to do this is to present an EULA dialog when the app is first launched. So how do you make an EULA dialog? Here are a couple of tutorials to help you add a license agreement to your Android app.

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