Tap That! Number v4.0

Scoreloop LeaderboardI’ve just released a new version of Tap That! Number for Android – version 4.0. It’s a major revamp, as I’ve completely re-written the high scores component. Instead of using ScoreNinja (a lightweight high scores library), I’ve opted for Scoreloop, one of the big social gaming platforms.

This basically means the whole interface looks a lot nicer. And I’ve finally been able to display the score as a time, instead of just a number. This means you can now see exactly how much time people took to complete the game!

Much to my satisfaction, I’ve managed to score in the top 10%, and currently rank 7th place on the global leaderboard. Pretty good, considering I only wrote the game 😉

So please, download the latest version, and let me know what you think! The integration of Scoreloop means I have lots more options now, including multi-player “challenges”, and single-player “achievements”. What would you like to see improved next? Let me know in the comments. In the mean time, enjoy tapping away 🙂