Making Money With Android On IRC

Hi everyone!

Forum member Gabriele (megasoft78) recently posted a thread about creating an IRC channel for this website. This would provide an avenue for realtime discussion, and another way of exchanging ideas with the people who already frequent the blog and forums.

The feedback so far has been very positive, so we now have a new hashtag on the Freenode IRC network – #makingmoneywithandroid.

I’ve added a new menu entry on the blog – “Join the IRC Discussion” – which points to an embedded web client. So even if you’re not familiar with IRC, or don’t have a desktop client, you’ll be able to join the discussion from inside your web browser.

The web client is quite easy to use:

  • Visit the embedded client, or the standalone version
  • Provide Nickname (any name you like)
  • In Channels, type “#makingmoneywithandroid” (if it is not already set)
  • Fill in the reCAPTCHA, and click Connect.

I’d encourage you all to drop by if you get a chance. IRC is a great medium for getting quick feedback on a new idea, or getting to know the other developers you’ve seen around the forums in a more open & spontaneous setting. Many thanks to Gabriele for sharing the idea, and setting up the channel!

Looking forward to seeing you on IRC!

Join #makingmoneywithandroid on