Android Asset Studio – Generate Icons for your Android App

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful tool which I’ve been using recently for packaging all my Android apps. It’s called the Android Asset Studio, and contains a variety of tools you can use to generate icons for your Android app. If you’re looking for an easy way to generate professional looking launcher icons, or simply trying to resize your company logo to fit the Android notification tray, look no further. This handy little website is the perfect tool for all your Android icon needs.

The Android Asset Studio lets you “quickly and easily generate icons from existing source images, clipart, or text”. If you upload an image, the icon generator can place a border around it, center it on a colored background, or even apply a glossy overlay to give a 3D effect. A range of clip art is provided, or you can even type some text which will be rendered instead of an image. The font is selectable, as well as basic options such as padding, foreground color and opacity.

Creating a launcher icon with the Android Asset Studio

There are a range of different output formats available, including:

  • Launcher icons
  • Menu icons
  • Action bar icons (Android 3.0+)
  • Tab icons
  • Notification icons

The most useful of these is arguably the Launcher icon (the main icon shown for your app on the user’s home screen). But the other elements such as notification icons and menu icons can be tricky to create manually, especially if you want to target different resolution displays (LDPI, MDPI, HDPI, XHDPI).

You really have to try it – once you see how easy it is to use this tool you’ll never go back. Of course, if you want to hire a graphic designer to draw your icons that’s fine. But for the vast majority of us programmers, mocking up icons and making them look pretty in the GIMP is the last thing we want to be doing. This simple tool makes life a lot easier, and eliminates the worry of resizing umpteen different times and sorting into DPI-dependent folders. Plus, the icons actually look professional!

Visit the Android Asset Studio.

Whatever your interest is in creating icons, definitely check out Google’s Android Icon Templates and Guidelines first. They have some great tips for developers, including recommended naming convention and icon sizes. They also have an icon pack with templates you can use for generating your own artwork (another great resource is BlogFreak’s Android Artwork)

  • Hi David – I just found your website, and was just thinking how awesome it is that you’re chronicling your journey here.  I’m starting to do the same thing with iPhone apps.  I just think documenting it on a blog makes it so much cooler.  Will be following your progress as you go along!

  • Crazyredneck1983

    I really neat for a who into design and artist.

    • Torben Hensgens

      wow, really great. launcher icons are great, but every other option is not working for me, only grey pictures. anyone help?

      • Sergioc78

        I think I have the same problem than Torben. I am trying to generate tab images from a black & white png file, and I am obtaining as output one image with the same shape but all white (for the selected icon) and one image with the same shape but all gray (for the unselected icon). Please help !

  • Rodney

    Great stuff, works straight out of the box

  • Torben Hensgens

    wow, really great. launcher icons are great, but every other option is not working for me, only grey pictures. anyone help?

    • I’ve had this trouble sometimes on a slow Windows computer. Try a different computer if possible, or another version of Chrome.

  • Torben Hensgens

    Well, you’re mentioning, that creating e.g. a menu item “can be tricky”. Could someone just explain how to prepare or size the images correctly, so that i can use them with the studio. ‘Cause i love the launcher icons which are working perfectly out of the box, but unfortunately these are the only ones 🙁

    ([email protected] for more contact).. thanks 🙂

  • Tony Briar

    What a great little tool.  Be careful that you use the LATEST version of Google Chrome though!

  • When I upload a png oof mine, it does not show up, any ideas?

  • It works when I use Google Chrome, sweet looking good

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