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  • Kishore

    Hi David,

       I observed that you are publishing updates to tap that number app on a regular basis. In order to increase your installs i can give following advice. Wait for at least 14 days(2 weeks) and publish a update so your app will be shown in Just in section and will cause multiple downloads. Hope this helps. 

    • Thanks, I’ve noticed this behaviour as well and will certainly be waiting a bit between updates if possible.

  • Nashwan

    how do people know about your product?

  • Carlos Piñar Hafner

    I’m wiling to see your next income report, you are doing great with your new app (fake iphone) and i’m courious about the numbers. Congrats!

  • Souvik Raja0

    Hi David

    I’m from india so how i can make money with android pls reply

    • Komal Golive

      I have the way to make money from android app. Reach me at komal [at] airpush [dot] com


  • Mike

    Noticed you posted a recent and popular homepage iOS skin type application.  As a fellow part time developer beware of this, apple has a strong history of sueing people into the ground.  I know 500k installs is nice, but loosing your house to apple is not worth it.  

    You were warned.

  • Renaonlinenow

    How can I search to see if my idea is original or already developed.  With so many apps its a nightmare to slog through all of them.  Wish people had integrity and launched good stuff instead of all that useless ‘get rich quick’ garbage.

  • G_eltd

    Hi ive been searching online trying to find out how many apps i can make at a time i have a few app ideas some in which do not exist at all. I see with apple they take $99 for submitting to itunes but is this per app or just a 1 of fee that i can make numerous apps from? And from what i can find, android apps can cost thousands, is that for the making of the app or making it live and i take it that is definetly per app

    • Check out my reply on the forum:

  • Naguibihab

    Dear David,

    I am made my first android app, and i want to put it on market for free, but i need to know how to make money if my app is free?

    • Put ads in it 🙂 When people click the ads you’ll get money. Check out AdMob if you’re getting started, it’s a pretty good advertising network with a high fill rate.

  • yenyen

    I want to but the game in the market but I can’t use my previous informatioins?

  • We just launched our first Android game today (Tip Tap Tile Ultimate Edition) and would like to know what are the best ways to market the game? We launched the full version $0.99 first and will be launching the free version with less levels on. Any suggestions are welcome!

  • djrobotfreak

    I want to hear your opinion on the removal of the “Just in” section. How should a brand new developer have their app noticed if the only chance they have is friends downloads will move the app high enough to be noticed? Would you suggest advertising, even if you are not sure if the app is marketable?

    • I would like to see the Just In section return to the Android Market. At present it’s very difficult for a new app to get noticed, unless you have a large advertising budget *or* happen to pick the right keywords.

      I wouldn’t recommend paid advertising, unless you’re directly making profit from your app already & can keep the profit/loss situation under control. More suitable methods of promotion would be posting in forums like and seeking to gain some credible ratings on the Android Market. Then you can approach some blog review sites & ask them to review your app, once the quality & ratings have reached a suitable level.

  • Michael

    What do you recommend for a complete beginner wanting to start in the Android app world, is there a book you may receommend?
    Thank you

  • Al O

    Just recently found your site. Enjoying your blog articles. Keep it up! 

  • Gaurav Tank

    Hi David,

    I love the way your are spreading your knowledge. Your articles are really useful and insightful for aspiring developers.

    Keep writing!!

    Thanks & Regards
    Gaurav Tank

    • Thanks Gaurav! I really appreciate the feedback.

      Regarding Facebook, I don’t normally add non-real-life-friends on there, but feel free to circle me on Google+ 🙂

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  • Crgshell

    Hello David,

    Lead-Bolt is paying you $1.86 CPM

    I went to their web page and checked the advertiser section.

    Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like they are collecting $50 to $100 dollars U.S. from advertisers for a CPM?

    Bids of $.05 to $0.10 per click.


    Reach 100’s of millions of mobile users with our highly engaging advanced ad units. More than just banner ads, Leadbolt offers an array of high performing ad units to meet your objectives.

    Benefits of Leadbolt’s Self-Managed CPC Platform:

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  •         hello ! Android is the best way for all home coders to earn money. I don.t want very very to sit dawn in bank as a java-coder all my live. Money is not the main thing in our very short live !  My dream-space games in mobile plathorms. Your  site David is the one from 3-5 in WEB where man can write honestly about Android. Thanks. Rule the Australia !
     Good lucks  from Russia, from angryAlex.

  • Deepak Baliga8

    God bless you David……. 

  • Dllnconn

    Hey David!  ….or anyone else who wants to help me…

    I’m a journalism student at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo. I am nearly graduated, the only thing standing between me and my degree is this final project. It’s a public affairs article on phone/tablet applications and creation. I have an overarching theme of using technology for social good, so any thoughts or opinions on the direction of our connectivity in this age (in terms of the citizen’s power) would be much appreciated.

    If we could talk sometime this week it would be extremely helpful. I’m open early usually, but my schedule is flexible all through the weekend. Thanks so much, this won’t take long.

    Dillan Conn
    [email protected]

    • beverly

      Dillin we have no power we bave biven into the technology if sonthing happen to our phone are tablet or phones e are lost just like the tv show lost in space we are lost in tecnology. Ask any one you know just like now im consummed by tring to get answer for my nook go figure

  • akshay bayas

    hi sir i want to become a android vevoloper plz help me……

  • Nikhil

    Helllo Sir I pass the Diploma Computer Engineering, And now i study B.E Computer .
    I want become a Android Developer & I want to Earn money. So Help me.

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  • aniwidgets

    I noticed you use WordPress, they easily get hacked, especially if you use bluehost or 1and1 hosting, the most secure hosting for wordpress is godaddy. never any problems with them.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I haven’t had any trouble with WordPress on my current hosting, but will keep it in mind.

      vBulletin on the other hand, is a little harder to handle…

  • Hi David, How is this hosting company which you are using:

    • I’m quite happy with them (after a few months so far). The management interface is great IMHO. Not cPanel, they’ve written their own interface and abstracted everything. You create your domains and applications separately from each other. Then you map the applications to domains as a separate process. It’s a simple idea, but I really like it. Especially for playing around with new sites and subdomains.

      So far I haven’t had any outages with them. SSH access is available, and pricing is good. Only downside I’ve found is that running MediaWiki on WebFaction seems to be significantly slower than with ServerGrove (which I used previously). Not sure why, but I was able to install APC which helped a bit. They even let you run your own build of Apache if desired, so there is a lot of flexibility.

      Overall, the impression I get is that they’re a web hosting service built for developers. Performance/uptime may not be the best (although I’ve never had any problems). But flexibility and ease-of-use is far better than most cPanel hosts I’ve found.

      I’ll be continuing to use WebFaction hosting for now. Let me know if you want to try them too, and I can give you a referral link.

  • Steve
  • DrJohn
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  • paupP

    Why are you not posting nothing here on this site ?

  • afrokick

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  • Teje

    Box Crash Hd – exciting puzzle game in which you have to strain your brain that would go through all levels. Use your fantasy and strategic thinking of in order to create a chain reaction which will destroy all the boxes on the level.

  • prash
  • creatiewings

    A Fun and Addicting Manned Jetpack Game.Download it today

  • Stas Demakov

    Bear Haven Nights is an indie horror game for Android that brings
    you a lot of fun where you have you survive on a night job in a
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  • beverly

    Need help with my kindle wont down load google app


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