Opening For Guest Authors

Over the past couple of years this blog has documented my personal journey developing and monetizing Android apps. The initial goal of $1000/month seemed lofty at the time – but since October 2011, I’ve continued to exceed this target every month. Now it’s time to move on to a new stage in the site’s evolution.

I’m now opening up the blog to accept contributions from the wider community. Not just my own story, but all of yours as well. Do you have a passion for Android development? Have you learned something from publishing an app yourself? Do you have tips for new developers looking to monetize their apps? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, chances are you’d make a great guest author.

My hope is to make this site an even better resource for developers, by publishing tutorials, monetization tips, step-by-step guides and personal testimonies from successful developers.

Would you like to contribute to this blog? Shoot me a line at I’d love to hear from you!