Received My First Payment From Madvertise

Madvertise Payment Receipt

This month I received my first publisher payment from Madvertise. I started using this advertising network in October, and have had some fantastic results so far. Madvertise only works well in Europe (fill rates are very low in the rest of the world), but for European traffic it can return very good revenues.

During October I earned 402 Euros from Madvertise, which translates into $496 Australian Dollars. Pretty good for my first paycheck!

  • Diegocvg

    Excelent!!! Congrats….hope some day receive my first payment

    • Diegocvg

      Do you know what is the best advertaiser network for latin-america?

      • Not sure, but I would guess one of the big names like AdMob or Millenial Media would have a decent fill rate. Otherwise, if you can find a local advertising service that would probably perform even better.

  • Congrats dude! Nice start to 2012! or is it a nice end to 2011? 😀

    • Thanks! I’d call this a nice end to 2011 – expecting even bigger payments in January 🙂

      • Nathan Rose

        Speaking of which, looking forward to the latest income reports…fake iPhone bump maybe? 🙂

        • Yep, I’m working on the backlog of income reports. Hope to get something published soon 🙂
          The next one (October) is the first one to include the Fake iPhone app.

  • Sweet! How come they take 12 € in handling charge? Didn’t know they did ths..

    • That’s a charge applied by my bank for an incoming international payment. Madvertise didn’t charge anything for the withdrawal.

  • Bojan

    This income includes income from “Fake iPhone app” or not?

    • Yes, this income is entirely from the Fake iPhone app. I haven’t published the October income report yet, but this is part of it.

  • Glance


    I have an app for which I am using Admob. I had been reading about Madvertise and interested in it. Since you are already using Madvertise, want to ask you if you are using multiple advertisement network (Admob, Madvertise etc) in one application and if you are then  how are you managing it. Is it Adwhirl or something else?

    Thanks for your reply. 

  • Have you reached your aim of $1000/month? Including all the other income types from apps and web it should be 1000 USD.

    Seems like you are not going to stop with this. What is your next step? 🙂

    • Spoilers! 😉 I’m still working on the October income report, but you’re right – the total is over $1000. Actually it’s quite hard to calculate the exact figure now that I’m getting payments in multiple currencies, but I’m doing my best to work out an estimate.

      Future goals: I’m thinking about $1000/week. Definitely not going to stop though, it’s just getting exciting! 🙂

      • I think you should think more challenging!
        What is the long-term strategy for you – vission&mission? 
        I think this is very important part of this site – you have a goal and people enjoy the story how you are going to it and readers wants to be the part of it! By now it is working! 😀

  • Asa

    hi david, i’m a reader of your blog from the very beginning. as i can see your most succeeded app is fake iphone and i think you make all the money from that.

    could you please share how did you promote that app? did you just left the app on the market or did you do any promotion?. this app has huge number of downloads, it’s a really great work. and how long this app exists in the market?

    thank you

    • It’s pretty crazy actually – I’ve done no promotion for that app at all, not even a blog post. All the downloads are simply from organic growth.

  • Orion Bukantis

    Great stuff, I’m glad I found your blog. Seeing actual numbers from someone in a similar place to me with Android apps is great. Now I just need to come up with my fake iPhone app. . . 🙂

  • Alvin

    This earning is for the month of October or 3 months accumulative earning? Getting euro currency income seems fun although the exchange rate is not as high as last time.

  • How long do you think does it go well with your fake iPhone app? I’m sure, Apple will not be amused once you get their attention!

    • So far it’s going well, right into the New Year. I think my app’s quite reasonable as a joke, but it’s true that lawyers don’t often have a sense of humour. Hopefully they don’t get upset though, since this possibly even helps with their marketing!

      As they say: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

  • sam

    This amount is a bit skewed though because MAdvertise is still offering the 100% payout to developers and will only start the 60/40 split next month. Perhaps I am wrong? Let me know.

  • Srncatalin

    can u show the code that randomly selects the advertiser?

  • Glance

    I tried Madvertise and the fill rate is horrible. It’s about a Month now and here is how it looks: 

    Request: 11,000
    AI: 20
    Fill Rate: 0%

    Every day around 100 people visit from Germany, UK, Italy etc. where Madvertise has higher fill rates. 

    I have contacted Madvertise support couple of times but the only answer I received is this is seasonal thing and should improve with time. 

    I am giving a very serious thought of removing it from my app.  


  • Crgshell

    Hello David,

    Lead-Bolt is paying you $1.86 CPM

    I went to their web page and checked the advertiser section.

    Correct me if I am wrong but it looks like they are collecting $50 to $100 dollars U.S. from advertisers for a CPM?

    Bids of $.05 to $0.10 per click.


    Reach 100’s of millions of mobile users with our highly engaging advanced ad units. More than just banner ads, Leadbolt offers an array of high performing ad units to meet your objectives.

    Benefits of Leadbolt’s Self-Managed CPC Platform:

    Fast campaign set up
    Transparency and full campaign support
    Low bids (as low as $.05 to $.10 per click)
    Real-time statistics
    Immediate traffic results
    Comprehensive reporting
    Exceptional customer support

    • They are slightly different metrics. If I’m getting $1.86 CPM, this means $1.86 per thousand impressions. Whereas advertisers are paying Leadbolt $50-100 per thousand clicks.

      If my click through rate was 100%, I’d be getting $50-100 eCPM (minus Leadbolt’s revenue). But in reality my CTR is much lower, hence the far lower CPM for me.

  • Jimmy

    hello David, I want to know how to start making money on my Android. it will be helpful if you can show us how to do it you know. Thank you