First week on the Android Market

Statistics bar graphIt’s over a week now since I uploaded the finished version of Tap That! Number to the Android Market. Some people have been asking how the app is going now, so I thought I’d share with you some statistics and figures from the past week or so.

When I first released the app, it was only an alpha “test” version. I uploaded it to the Market purely as an experiment, to gauge interest. I noted in the description that it was not yet playable, and only for testing. However, the demo app still received just over 100 downloads in the first few days. I was quite surprised that so many people would download a test version of the app. How many more would be interested in the real thing?

Android Market statistics for first day
First day on the Android Market

About 4 days later, I published the first full version of Tap That! Number. This version was completely playable, and included a proper description for the Market. This time the Developer Console took a while to update download figures, so I turned to my AdMob reports to indicate whether there was any change in the number of active users.

AdMob requests graph

As you can see from the graph above, there was a significant spike in user engagement on the day the new version was released. However, this quickly dropped off, until after a few days I was getting a very modest 20-30 impressions per day. Taking a look at the Android Market stats tells the other half of the story – a total count of 178 installs, with only 43% of those active installs. This means an increase of only 70 users after uploading the finished app, compared to the 100 users who downloaded the demo version on the first day.

Android Market developer console with one app
Developer Console after one week

So the initial figures are out – 178 installs, 78 active users and several hundred ad impressions. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this first week – don’t upload your app to the Android Market until it’s ready for public use. I probably drove away several potential users who downloaded the demo version and uninstalled after finding it unplayable. If I’d waited and released a complete app from day one, I could have boosted engagement levels significantly.

Things are beginning to move faster though, especially in the past few days. Earlier this month I reached $1 total earnings from AdMob (only $999 to go!), and just released an updated version which includes tactile feedback when a tile is pressed. I’ve got some particularly exciting news regarding this first update – but that’s best kept for another post! 🙂 For now, you can download the app and tell me what you think.

  • I am to an indie developer developed the game colorbind ,It has been two weeks since game release but only 1000 active install at this rate how can we manage to earn a decent amount like your goal that you suggested .
    link to my game

    • Two weeks is a pretty short time in the scheme of things – I’m looking for long-term success, and hopefully learning from the short term results. Out of interest’s sake though, let’s look at the numbers:

      Sample RPM (revenue per 1,000 impressions): $0.50
      Target income per month: $1,000
      Impressions needed per month: 2,000,000
      Impressions needed per day: ~64,000

      So if you need 64,000 impressions per day, and say there are 3 ad impressions per use of your app, you need 21,000 active daily users to reach that target income *from advertising alone*.

      Of course, the above figures are based on a lot of assumptions. But they give some indication of the scale required. And it’s not entirely unrealistic to achieve 21,000 active users, certainly if you take the aggregate count for all your Android apps. For example, Crazy Snowboard made over $2000 in one month after about 360,000 installs (see links below).

      • Praveen Ojha

        Hey david thanks for your reply I had played your game good start. But I think my Idea was a kind of lame now I m near finishing my second game this is big hope for its. Good sale. I m trying to get an offshore bank acct to as in india we can’t sell for that we need foreighn bank.well how much time did you take to complete that game tap that number ? Praveen Ojha

        • I think the idea for your game is great – it’s simple, and addictive. A bit more visual polish (sometimes it’s hard to read text on dialogs), and some kind of social/high scores element would improve it even more. Keep working on it, you’ve got a great concept there that could go far.

          Tap That! Number took me about a week to complete, but I was only working on and off (I still have a day job 😉 The hardest part was making sure the threads and UI resources were handled properly when the application was paused and resumed. Once you’ve built the app though, no need to spend a lot of development resources on every update. My latest update to Tap That! Number only took me about 5 minutes to write, plus 10 minutes to debug, refine and publish. And that half-hour update got me a few hundred new users!

  • Athir_gillani

    Hi David,

    I am about to launch my first application on android market, what strategy I can adopt to launch successfully. Having read you got about 200 installs for your first and Praveen is got 1000, which are just meaning less to have any sort of earning. Is there any free or cheap advertisement for that.

    What do you suggest, what should be my short term and long term goals.

    Secondly can you tell a few of earning techniques. Like I can integrate API for money for 1000 impressions. Or CPI or CPC api like Flurry or Tapjoy. Is it a good idea to integrate such libraries for the first release.



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