Available in Android Market – Official Badges for your Site

Google Android badge - Available in Android MarketLast night Google posted a tweet from @AndroidDev mentioning a new badge available for Android developers. If you’ve currently got an app on the Market, you can download the official badge titled “Available in Android Market” to place on your website. This is designed to help standardize the Android branding experience, and ensure your app marketing looks professional.

The Brand Guidlines for Android webpage includes several useful tips for integrating the Android logo and brand name into your app marketing campaign. The Android Robot device is available under the Creative Commons Attribution license, and can be reproduced freely. However, you are not allowed to use the stylized Android logo in any form – or even the custom typeface.

These brand guidelines are worth keeping in mind when designing and publishing your app. There’s nothing worse than racking up thousands of downloads in the Android Market, only to wake up and find your app banned for violating the terms of service.