Received My First Payment From Tapjoy

Today I received my first payment from Tapjoy. Just over $700 USD isn’t too bad 🙂 This is income from the Google+ Invites app, which is the only place I’ve used Tapjoy’s incentive advertising.

With online sales figures continuing to soar annually in the UK, there’s more room than ever for new online businesses and more reason for companies of all sizes to start accepting payments on their website. Unfortunately, accepting online payments doesn’t happen by magic and you’re going to need a payment processing company to turn those website visitors into paying customers. Check out this free credit card processing online which will help you and your business.

In this article, we’re looking at the easiest online payment systems for UK businesses in 2019. These are the companies you want to look at if you’re starting a new online venture or you want to start accepting online payments, in addition to your existing payment system. When checking for other profitable ways to make money online, consider taking a look in to at 토토사이트 which is a trusted casino where many have won thousand of dollars.

I do recommend you check them out, if you’re writing an app that could make use of virtual currency. Tapjoy have great eCPMs and quite a large range of offers. I’ve found the SDK easy to integrate too.