LeadBolt Introduces App Walls for Better Monetization

I’ve been using LeadBolt (an in-app advertising network) for a few months now, with mixed results. The rich media content unlockers offered by LeadBolt are very effective, especially if you’re developing a game where the interstitial format makes sense (e.g. a blocking advert between levels). However, their banner advertising hasn’t been as effective for me, offering a CTR and eCPM slightly less than AdMob.

This week LeadBolt announced a new advertising format, called an “App Wall”. This is a full-page advertisement, which is actually embedded in a WebView (so no SDK integration required). The app wall offers the user a list of free apps to download. If they click and download one of the apps, Leadbolt will pay you a referral fee.

It’s a pretty simple concept, but one that I think could work very well as a non-intrusive method of advertising. For example, you could include an entry on your main menu, that says “Top Apps”. By linking this to the LeadBolt app wall, you’ve got an effective “pay per download” revenue source integrated right into your main menu. People can simply choose to ignore that menu item if they’re not interested in the advertising. And because the list of items on the app wall changes frequently, users are likely to keep returning to the advertisement day after day.

Based on my testing so far, the App Wall format seems to be quite effective. I’ve been getting a CTR of about 6.4% (compared with 5.4% for Rich Media Unlockers, and 2.8% for Banner ads). I’m also getting an eCPM of about $1.50 at the moment. Has anyone else tried LeadBolt with the new App Wall? Want to share your results?

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  • I’ve just implemented the app wall, will post the results to you soon.

    Just to share, AppBrain too have their own App Wall, and it pays pretty good.

    The best part of AppBrain is their analytics tool. It shows you a lot of stuff such as what search term was used to look up your app, downloads breakdown and a hole lot more.

    Leadbolt’s Appwall is super simple to implement, AppBrain will require a simple SDK implementation.

    Give that a try too:

    I’ll let you know how the Appwall from leadbolt performs on one of my more popular apps.


    • Thanks for that advice. I didn’t realise AppBrain had this as well. I’ll try it out!

  • Rstranberg

    Hi David,

    Have you tried Madvertise?  Or is that just for Europe…

    • I’m using Madvertise at the moment. It only has decent fill rates in Europe, so I’m also using LeadBolt, Inner-Active and Millennial Media in the same app. Madvertise seems to have great RPM so I’d say it’s a great idea for monetizing any European traffic you might have.

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea of putting the app wall in a menu.  I signed up for leadbolt a while back but never implemented it in my current apps yet because I did not feel they were strong enough to interrupt the user with a full page ad. I feared losing users before they gave my app a chance if it had too much advertising. This way the more advanced knowledgeable users won’t be turned off by ads but the less informed general population could actually think of that as a feature. A way that they can find more apps. And then I make a bit of money when they “find” them.

    Thanks for the idea! I will let you know how it turns out.

  • moon

    Definitely much more elegant and non disrupting, I’m sure for most gamer they’re pretty annoyed as the tradition intrusive marketing

    Has anyone implemented yet ?

  • Ok, an update… the appwall has generated absolutely nothing for me. Maybe it will be better for you others! Good luck…

    I’m heading back to AppBrains!


  • MikeJ

    Have you tried Adexlink? New Cross promotion platform, can also mediate ad networks

    • hualei28

      It’s free or not?

  • Hi David,

    Are you using Leadbolt’s notification ads? If no, any reason why?

    For those who are interested in using the notification ads, I have shared my strategy here:


    Good luck to all!

    • Have you gotten any direct complain on using Notification ads from your users?

  • Anyone using the appwall as an part of Quit-dialog? Im going to give it a try as soon as i get back to my home. I wrote an example to my blog : 


    • I’ve planned to use app wall as an option in the main menu, in the way written by David. But your idea is also good, maybe implement both tactics? *evil laughter*

      • Yeah that sounds good 🙂 i will consider doing the same.

  • Hi David!
    You said that Leadbolt banners had slightly smaller eCPM than Admob banners, how big was your ecpm when using Leadbolt banners? 

  • Arshadali513

    Hey can anybody tell me its free or not and for student . if yes then what to fill in company..

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  • Everbadge recently launched their App Wall for their non-incentivized inventory, give it look http://everbadge.com/appwall

  • Ziggy

    I just signed up with LeadBolt, and have been looking at what they offer. The HTML offer wall seems pretty easy to implement. I have one question – are most of the offers on the Google Play store? I’ve been wondering about using LeadBolt on 3rd party app stores. I think Amazon is out, they will reject an app that links to another app store. But even for the other stores, if all the links go to the Google store, then I’m guessing I won’t get any conversions?

    Also, have you just implemented this in a menu? No prompts, no requiring the user to click on an offer before they can access some part of the app? And are you still getting the CTR and CPM numbers you mentioned?

  • John Anderson

    I found out that Kazoolink offers a nice solution for app developers to monetize with a new app wall. You don’t need an SDK, its only an
    HTML5 code, with a self-service platform which is pretty cool!