Received My First Payment From LeadBolt

A few people have asked whether LeadBolt is a reliable advertising network, and how quickly developers are paid. I’ve been using the network for a few months now, with very good results. Using the new app wall format, I’ve been getting an eCPM of $1.86.

Here’s my first payment notification from December last year.  Yes, LeadBolt does pay developers 🙂

LeadBolt Mobile Advertising Income - Proof Of Payment

You can sign up for LeadBolt here.

  • I’ve received payment from Leadbolt on time, everytime. So far I’ve received for October, November and December. January one will be in by mid of this month!

    And congrats on the awesome amount! May you add another 0 at the back of it this month!!!


    • Thanks for the feedback. It’ll be a challenge to add that extra zero, but hopefully I’ll get there eventually 🙂

  • Jack

    Hi, am also interested in developing android apps/games. can u please help me how to start preparing for android devlopment and also iam new to android devlopment and i know coding in java. Thanks in advance

    • Sam11182

      Well, if you want to get into programming, I would check out the App Game Kit from The Game Creators. Its a fairly easy language, but tailored to games. Only 2D at that. But it will yeach you programming faster than jumping directly into c++. Once you learn one language, the next is much easier.

      Actually, if you know Java, that helps. And the AGK is still fairly new. The real benefit of it is that you can port your game to any system. other than that, go to barns and noble and get an Android dev book.

      And im just giving suggestions, there are tons of options. Do give the agk a look, though.

  • This was actually kind of nice to read.  Always good to
    get something in there that doesn’t discuss how badly the team has played in
    the last week.

  • Anonymous

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  • crogersdev


    10 months ago someone said you were wasting your time with this effort as whole, and that money making with Android was a dead end.  I am *SO* glad you proved him wrong.  I’m a developer by profession, and I’m teaching myself Android app development every night after the kids and the wife are asleep.  I sincerely hope to follow in your footsteps, putting the fun of learning a new skill and writing a useful app first, and hoping the money follows.

    Thanks from over here in the States.

  • idolleon

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