Google Play – The New Android Market

Google Play - Android MarketToday Google announced (in several places) that the Android Market is being rebranded “Google Play

The new marketplace (sorry, “play store”) includes content from four main areas – Movies, Music, Apps & Games, and Books. Of course, not all of these are available outside of the US yet, so folks in Australia will only get access to Apps & Games and Books for now.

Google seems to be investing a lot into consolidating their services, which I think is a good thing. I’m a little disappointed though with the name they chose (“Play” doesn’t sound quite serious enough, is difficult to use as a noun – not a verb, and reminds me of the Playbook too…)

All things considered however, this is a step in the right direction for Android developers, and in fact all content creators. Google now has one spot to sell your content, and it’s very obviously Google branded (and more or less separate from the core Android product).

That’s a key point in itself. Previously Google’s Movies and Ebook offerings were confusingly branded under the Android banner. With the introducing of Google Play, the focus is on selling entertainment content – not just for Android, but for any web-enabled platform. This positions Google as much more of a competitor to iTunes, with its unified content purchasing platform.

Android developers need not be concerned about the new changes impacting sales. Google’s set up a seamless transition to the new store, so you shouldn’t notice any major impact on your download figures. For example, Micro CPU Monitor on the Android Market automatically redirects to Micro CPU Monitor on Google Play. “Plus Ones” from Google+ and the Market on Android devices seem to automatically transfer as well, which is significant.

Google Play Store Screenshot
The Google Play Store looks very similar to the Android Market

What do you think about Google Play? Was the rebranding necessary? Will it benefit you as a developer? What about consumers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • Tim

    Yay I’m famous! I +1’d your app and I’m in the screen shot! 😀

  • ndgreen

    Good idea, nice integration …. bad name

    • mary annphillips


  • Consolidation good.  Moving the movies etc. away from the Android branding good.  Name sucks donkey nuts.  Of course this could just be the stereotype of the middle class white male being resistant to change 😉

    • Well, looks like everyone I’ve talked to (except for maybe one person) hates the new name. I understand – and even welcome – the need to move away from the Android brand. But something like “Google Market” would have worked so much better.

      Nevertheless, the gods have spoken. Their reasoning may be beyond our comprehension, but their actions remain with us 😉

      • I went back to double check after I posted that comment.  Can’t believe they’ve dropped the “Market” idea entirely.

    • paddy herberte


  • And Google being Google, we just gotta follow eh? Kind of makes you feel like Google now owns the Internet and the blardy world!

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  • Dustin Hansen

    I’m hoping we can take this as a sign that they intend to invest more time into the developers console, and other requested features. I would really like to see them finally add the ability for us to respond to bad reviews. Time will tell, I guess. ^_^

  • Kikilus112


  • Edoe Developers

    Finally, they are trying to rival iTunes. This makes it so much easier and pushes google and android as brands. Shame about the name though…

  • Danielleshannon34

    I love the new market cause it works with all devices and the other market would only work with some don’ like the name who cares they finally made sonething people enjoy so i give them 5stars

  • Psakti

    Awesome Google play. which could support all android. Cool.well done

  • Sorry I’m not speak english 🙂

  • gaby

    I need a new app store

  • It looks like attempts to visit the old market:// URLs on Android are now being redirected to a Google Search. For example, market://details?goToHome=1 opens up a regular Google search (which currently lists this page as the primary result).

  • Hey David. Are you receiving email?

  • salaha


  • amador kester

    Its okidoki alright

  • Jayne

    This looks exciting!

  • Ghisline Rodriguez

    I hope soon i I get Google play on android

  • Belzile. France


  • jiqing tan

    chse bak mobile