Improvements to the Android Developer Console

A few days ago (before the Android Market was renamed) Google announced a major update to the Android Developer Console stats page. Rather than the simple “active installs” chart which used to be shown, developers now have access to a wide range of charts showing total & active installs over time. Google has also added the ability to view daily install charts, and see which version of your app users have installed at the present time.

Announcement on the Android Developer Console

Android developers – if you haven’t checked your developer console in a while, I recommend you log in and try out these new features right now. They’re a vast improvement on what was previously available. There’s even an “Export to CSV” option available, so you can export the data to Excel (or Google Docs) and analyse it yourself.

Android Developer Console Stats for Tap That! Number

Very cool.

  • Luiz Aurio Cordeiro Junior

    First of all I like to thank your for keep inspiring people. I just drop out  on the 5th law school here college to start doing what I like, programming. ATM im spending most of my time programming and studuying Android/Java. Its been 2 weeks since my first app have gone online and I was sad about the income, but now I lirerally read all your post today and it really inspired to keep going.

    about the Google Play the new statistics system its awesome, really informative.

    keep the good work and good luck

    • Thanks Luiz! It’s great to hear such positive feedback. Keep up the work with your app, and if you persist I’m sure you can reach a higher income one day!

      • “Persist” <– that is truly the keyword! Don't fade away like many have! And good luck!

    • It might be hard to earn a living from Android apps, but you do learn about Java and the Android framework. That in itself is a good start if you ever want to find a full time job as a developer. I started out the same 10 years ago, I had done some hobby programming and got a job as full time developer.

      Good luck with your apps 🙂

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  • Dustin Hansen

    Didn’t they always have the ability to export your stats to csv?

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