Android Income Report #6 (September)

September was my first month back in the swing of things, after the August holiday. It was still pretty quiet, with no new app releases, but I was able to do a bit of groundwork in preparation for the coming months. I wrote a number of blog posts, and tried submitting my app to a few more alternative app stores. Revenues saw a bit of dip compared with August, but this was still my 3rd highest income to date.

This will be another short income report – I’m a few months behind already, so will try to keep things brief. Without any further ado, here’s the breakdown for September – my 6th month on the Android Market.

Income Distribution

Last month I introduced the Google spreadsheet where I’ve been tracking my earnings. Here’s another chart showing the income distribution for September.

Comparison Chart Between Advertising Networks

It’s actually very similar to August. Nothing much has changed here – the majority of my income still comes from AdSense and Tapjoy combined. AdMob comes in at third place, along with other website advertising, and my only paid app on the Android Market continues to perform poorly.

Google+ Invites

At the end of August, I thought this app was pretty much finished. Now that Google+ is open to everyone, there’s really no reason to use this app any more. I’ve put a notice up on the new Android Market listing, that people should see before downloading.

However, I can’t make any changes to the previous (suspended) listing on the Android Market. There’s no way I can communicate with the 1,000 people who still have the app installed. It seems quite a number of them have been actively using the app still, generating a decent amount of revenue throughout this month. About 50 people opened the Tapjoy interface every day, and 5 of them would complete an offer on any given day.

Of course, I’m not complaining about the continued revenue! 😉 Just curious to see so much activity on an app that’s been rendered defunct. The active installs are slowly dropping off – which seems to indicate the Android Developer Console does update stats for suspended apps. It’ll be interesting to see how long this app continues to hang around for.

Google Android Developer Console Screenshot
Active installs decreased very slowly in September


This month saw a slight increase in AdMob revenues, which was encouraging 🙂 Most of the revenue came from Google+ Invites and Tap That! Number. My Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy and Simple Quotes app didn’t really pull in much at all.

AdMob September 2011

Website Advertising

This was another productive month for website advertising, with Google AdSense bringing in the most revenue. I also got a smaller income from selling direct advertising on the website. Overall, the work I put into the website continued to pay off, with about $90 total revenue for the month. To put that in perspective, it’s enough to pay for domain registration and hosting for the entire year.

Google AdSense Screenshot

The big spike on September 5th was when my story about Google+ Invites hit the front page of Hacker News.


For the month of September, here’s the overall picture:

Total App Downloads: 6,358 (+2,355)

AdMob Impressions: 29,524 (-19,993)
AdMob Earnings: $10.75 (+3.66)
AdSense Earnings: $73.82 (-25.10)
TapJoy Offerwall Views: 2,959 (-1,938)
TapJoy Conversions: 250 (-109)
TapJoy Earnings: $53.76 (-27.59)
Other website advertising: $17.50 (+0)
Android Market Sales: $1.42 (3 sales) (+0.12)

Total Income: $157.75 (-48.91)

Overall revenue is down again, but not by so much as last month. Considering that I didn’t release any apps this month, I’m quite happy to see AdMob holding steady. Tapjoy was also surprisingly effective, thanks again to Google+ Invites.

Here’s a chart showing my income for every month so far, split by revenue source:

Android Income Chart

Looking at the big picture, this month (far right) is roughly comparable to August (second column from the right). If you ignore the big anomaly in July, then September was still quite a good month. I’m still not making big money, but at least seem firmly planted in the 3-figure range. It’s just a matter of pushing upwards to try & change that into a 4-figure income 🙂

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that my website advertising is consistently out-performing the Android advertising. I do put a lot of time into writing (hopefully!) high quality blog posts, so it’s good to see that investment is getting some return. But it would be nice to get some more substantial figures from the apps themselves. Although I can’t really complain this month, since I didn’t release any updates (or new apps).

So this is something I’ll be focussing on in the coming months – ramping up some of my apps for increased revenue. I’ll be trying out some more mobile advertising networks, and looking to increase the overall download figures to get more impressions.

  • I am suprised to see Thap that number getting such low income. It is the best app you have on the market.

  • I was wondering, can you tell us the active install’s on all the apps?

    I’m really curious how many active users tap that number has. Just looked in the market and it shows about 10-50k downloads. That’s a good number.

    • In September, Tap That! Number had about 1,600 active users. All of my apps got a bit of a boost in October though, when my Fake iPhone app was really popular (more about that in the next income report!). So now this app has about 3,700 active installs. That’s a 33% retention rate, which isn’t terrible but not all that great either.

      • 33% is not bad at all. But there must be a good way of getting more install’s. But at this rate it just does not pay off to spend that much time to improve it. I wonder if there is a good way of getting more install’s. There has to be because I see a lot of similar app’s getting much more install’s.

        Just one more thing. You put admob and adsense income. I assume the adsense are your website income. But I know admob show’s adsense ad’s when there are no admob ad’s to show. Does Google show you how much you make on adsense ad’s in your apps?

        • When AdMob shows AdSense ads in my app, they’re counted under the AdMob revenue figures, and not included in my AdSense earnings. Google’s figured out some synchronisation in the background, so all the earnings from Android apps are reported under the AdMob interface. I figured this out after observing both dashboards for a few weeks.

  • Asa

    im a quite old reader of your blog. also the reason to publish my app to the market is your blog. i also red the kreci’s blog but im not sure he’s a scammer. i published my first app to the market, 8 days ago and it has been downloaded more than 2000 times. also the active install rate is 56%. i think these are good numbers for a one week old app. i think you can earn more than this if you publish more innovative apps.

    • Wow, that’s pretty good results for your first week on the Android Market! Would you mind posting a link to the app? I’d like to check it out.

      • Asa

        this is my app
        i saw your other apps, those are really great. also you’re doing a great work by writing this blog. i think many developers launched their first app because of your blog.

        • Thanks for the link. You’ve done a good job with the design, that’s probably part of the reason you’re getting such a good install rate.

          I’ve downloaded & rated on the Android Market 🙂

  • Bobo

    I dont see Madvertise revenue you mentioned them on blog too (not on this one, in comments).

    • Well noticed! In September I wasn’t using Madvertise yet – that will come in October.

  • rixment

    Hi all,
    I’m also quite an old reader of your blog. Just not so recently I decided that I will publish my game on which I worked very hard for the last 5 months and honestly I’m really disappointed with the amount of downloads that I’ve managed to get after two weeks on the market. Even more when I see (sorry Asa for this statement) that a simple Notebook generates more traffic and also probably more income and that some applications on the market from the fart-prank  genre generates substantially larger traffic I’m starting to wonder what is the purpose of creating something more than a low quality joke, or simple utility application. Is Google’s Android market, or even the whole platform will soon become one big junkyard? What do you think?

    • Can you give us a link to your game?

      The Android market is based on ratings, if your game is good and it gets good ratings you will higher in the search results. Fart-prank apps may get a lot of traffic but think about it, how many times will the user use it? Maybe once or twice. So the download rate will be high, but active installs will be low.

      I looked at the notepad app that Asa made and it’s well polished. That may just be the key to success. Make an app that everyone want, but do it better than the rest.

      • rixment

        Yes I know what you mean. Personally I think that the quality should always be at the highest priority, regardless what kind of application you’re making. That is why I’m so disappointed, as I thought that having a good quality product will speak for itself and will be positively received.
        Regarding the notepad application, I wasn’t taking about Asa’s creation (hope so?). I was taking in general, that making a simple application can benefit you more and by ‘you’ I mean one person developer.

        And the game on which I spent the last couple of months and I’m still developing it can be found here [1] but to be honest I’m starting to think that I’m just wasting my time, not to speak of my health (me in front of the computer, day by day..)


        • Hey your game looks great!

          It looks a lot like a flash game I once played. I will download it, see if the gameplay is the game. But at first glance it looks like a well made game. Maybe it just needs to get some better marketing.

          Do you have a Google+ account? I would like to talk a bit about app developing.

          • rixment

            Thanks for that,
            You can ask me on forum, as I will definitely sign myself up.

          • Just some simple things:
            1) Why you didn’t put link in your first comment?
            2) Why you doesn’t have any picture in your profile (look what I have) 😀

            Good luck!
            I don’t have my app and I am also working hard with big hope to succeed! 🙂

        • I agree with Martin – it’s a great game. Certainly deserving of more attention than what it’s getting. Sounds like you’re in a similar situation to me with Tap That! Number. I just released the app, with no attempts at promoting it, and mustn’t have picked the right title to get organic search traffic.

          I’d recommend visiting a few app review websites, and asking if they’d like to try your app. Perhaps also if you’re a member of any Android forums, just promoting it to people in whatever way you can. Once you start getting a few genuinely interested people, with some good ratings, it’s more likely that you’ll start getting more installs.

        •  I think you should remove the “Phone Calls” permissions …

        • Hi rixment,
          I make a game too. Tooks me 4 months. After +-month in Android Market I have 10 stars and 1000 downloads. I know what you feel 😉

          I think that this kind of software needs time to be visible. First players must find your game by keywords, some of them must liked it, then maybe some review and sharing on social networks. I hope your game will be so popular as my for the year 🙂 Good luck!

          P.S. You can try my game here:

  • As you making high money as compared to other revenue sharing, can you please let me know what should i implement to get some money. Actually my AdSense account has been disabled by Google, don’t know the reason.

    So i have integrated infolinks, flipkart associate and also freelancer job widget.

    Can you please suggest some other way?

    • Sorry to hear your AdSense account was disabled. That happens to a lot of people, seems impossible to appeal or anything.

      Apart from AdSense, I haven’t really tried anything else to monetize websites before. At the moment I’ve got a few people paying me directly (by PayPal) for banner ads on this site. Apart from that, you could try affiliate offers (there are a few on my website – LeadBolt, GoSquared, Mobfox).

      Mostly though, I wouldn’t worry too much about monetizing the website until you’re getting at least 10,000 uniques per month. The content is way more important, advertising revenue is easy enough to make once you have a website with lots of good quality content 🙂

  • Joe Tapil

    Hello David, i am very much interested with Tapjoy, how much do you get per completed offer?


    I don’t find your revenue that much bad .. as you look at the current market (with no just-in-section anymore) it is a really hurd to get your app/game going .. i am just in for 20 days now and have only a handful of downloads. Now I have 4 games online, some good, some medium (*g*) .. let’s see how they perform 🙂

  • nr7

    good i have a bit more