Intent.ACTION_SEND Crashes Facebook App

I came across a rather obscure bug today, while trying to submit my app Tap That! Number to the Amazon Appstore. I received a rejection notice detailing several problems with my app, including this strange one: Application’s “Feedback” functionality “Facebook” option is not working. At first I had no idea what this meant. My app … Read more

How to add an EULA to your Android App

Many apps available on the Android Market include an End User License Agreement, or EULA. This is a simple dialog that appears when you first launch the app, and presents a licence agreement governing your use of the app. Most often, this dialog explains what information the app will collect from your phone, and how … Read more

Android Income Report #5 (August)

Well, I’ve got way behind in my income reports. My last report (July 2011) is over 3 months old already. It’s good to keep the continuity though, so I’ll publish this post for my August revenue – even though it wasn’t a very exciting month. The huge revenues from my Google+ Invites app had diminished … Read more

Improvements to the Android Developer Console

A few days ago (before the Android Market was renamed) Google announced a major update to the Android Developer Console stats page. Rather than the simple “active installs” chart which used to be shown, developers now have access to a wide range of charts showing total & active installs over time. Google has also added the … Read more

How to use ScoreNinja for Android App High Scores

My latest application, Tap That! Number uses the ScoreNinja library to integrate global high scores. This library is very easy to include with only a few lines of code. Other solutions such as ScoreLoop try to bundle a full social framework, but ScoreNinja does just one thing – global high scores. In this post I’ll … Read more

Galaxy Nexus & Android 4.0

I watched the live Google/Samsung announcement of the Galaxy Nexus yesterday. The event was held in Hong Kong, and streamed live to the Android Developers YouTube channel. I wasn’t completely blown away by the hardware – seems pretty run-of-the-mill after being spoiled with the Galaxy S II. But I was impressed to see how much thought … Read more

Introducing: Tap That! Number

My first Android app is now published and live on the Android Market! As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a casual game and my first attempt at integrating the AdMob SDK into an Android app. Tap That! Number for Android Download from the Android Market Download from AppBrain Download from SlideME The … Read more

Android Income Report #8 (November 2011)

Overview In my October report, I described how this one simple app turned into an overnight success. Fake iPhone 4S brought in over $700 in October alone, helping to bring my total earnings for that month over the nominal target of $1000. In November, these already fantastic results improved in every way. Total Active Installs … Read more

First week on the Android Market

It’s over a week now since I uploaded the finished version of Tap That! Number to the Android Market. Some people have been asking how the app is going now, so I thought I’d share with you some statistics and figures from the past week or so.