Samsung Galaxy S2 Multi-Touch

8 fingers on the Samsung Galaxy S2Check out this Samsung Galaxy S II Multi Touch video. You can press all 10 fingers on the screen at once, with accurate tracking even when fingers are close together. That’s what I call true multi-touch.

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First week on the Android Market

Statistics bar graphIt’s over a week now since I uploaded the finished version of Tap That! Number to the Android Market. Some people have been asking how the app is going now, so I thought I’d share with you some statistics and figures from the past week or so.

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Samsung Galaxy S II vs. HTC Sensation – Which is best?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most popular phone in Samsung's Android lineupThe two hottest smartphones announced this year are the Samsung Galaxy S II, and the HTC Sensation. Both devices have fantastic specs and a huge 4.3″ screen. But at the end of the day, which one performs best? Which one should you buy? Read on for a full comparison, including a color-coded table showing where each phone wins in specifications.

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Introducing: Tap That! Number

My first Android app is now published and live on the Android Market! As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a casual game and my first attempt at integrating the AdMob SDK into an Android app.

Tap That! Number for Android
Download from the Android Market
Download from AppBrain
Download from SlideME

The aim of the game is simple – to tap all the numbers from 1 to 25 in sequence, in the fastest possible time.

This app is actually a great starting point for developing an Android game. While the concept is simple, this implementation makes use of custom views, UI themes, threading, and integration of a third-party high score system. It has several activities, and involves basic application life-cycle management (especially handling the threads).

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A developer success story

The developer of Camera+ (for iOS devices) recently announced that their app has hit 2 million sales. This figure is a huge success, both numerically and financially. To celebrate this milestone, the developers have decided to share some of their stats publicly, including overall sales volume and revenue from in-app purchases. One of the most … Read more

How to run Android Market on the Emulator

During development, it is often useful to be able to test the Android Market from a device other than your own. However, by default the Android emulator doesn’t include the Android Market – nor offer an easy method of installing it. This tutorial will show you how to setup an Android Virtual Device (AVD) running … Read more

Protecting from Cyber Attackers

Cyber attackers are constantly looking for new ways to gain access to networks. They target servers that run old and poorly-maintained software on purpose. So it’s quite unlikely that hackers will stop looking for opportunities to break into networks. However, they are finding that certain technologies, like the use of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems … Read more

How to Make Money with Android

So you want to make money with Android? Sell your Android apps to make a profit? Generate enough revenues from your Android apps that you can quit your job and live off the earnings? Or just learn how to monetize your existing apps? You’ve come to the right place. This blog will be a journal … Read more